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Game Advisor
Mrs Aileen
Game Advisor
Mrs Aileen


International cooperation of chess and card games, 100 self-developed board game products, and first-hand overseas combined cooperation information; Open up a trillion international game market.

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General Information

To put it simply, a set of platform products includes: download page, lobby platform and additional games (as well as their respective server and client components) and management background.

You can purchase the platform hall and additional games at the same time, or purchase the game hall separately. The platform can run online without any modification.

If you want to modify the platform, we can help you complete customized development. If you have your own team and want to modify it yourself, the product also supports the function of secondary development.

Terms of Idea

If you have any suggestions or comments on our company or products, please let us know at the first time.

Please contact us if you want to know any product content or technical content about the Premium Edition.

You can find the way to contact us in the CONTACT page.