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FOXUC HTML5 platform - Superb Hall was launched, focusing on the new wave of board games.
2023-03-06 17:14:07

The Board games market always makes strange changes and it is an irresistible trend for publishing chess and card games overseas. Foxuc, as the top domestic board game manufacturer, has carried on international business ahead of schedule.

Now, Foxuc grandly launched the Superb Hall based on the Creator engine, and strive to complete the "last kilometer" to develop board games abroad with 360 degree protection!

The prospect of overseas market is bright, but lack of high-quality products. Now, the Superb Hall will break this dilemma.

I. Cover all the platforms, One-click publishing

Superb Hall is developed by Creator engine, for many operators, they can control APP (covering Android and IOS), HTML5 two terminals, only maintain a set of code.

It has comprehensive coverage, publishers can put App version on the mobile terminal’s Application store, and there is no need for HTML5 version to do, which cover both mobile and PC terminal simultaneously. At the same time, this also means that originally APP and HTML5 each versions need one person to do the operation and maintenance, but now only need one to do all the work. As we all know, nowadays, the programmer’s labor cost is higher than before, which is undoubtedly important aspect for operators.

Superb Hall, greatly saves the operator's cost of publishing game abroad in terms of products and labor cost, which enables the operator to have more energy to develop foreign markets, which also reflects the original intention of Foxuc to design products from the perspective of operators.

Superb Hall▼


II. With HTML5, expanding the foreign markets with ease

Superb Hall H5 version, developed by JavaScript and TypeScript language, can be directly opened through the browser, no need for users to download, install, update, nor delete, greatly reducing the opening cost of players. Don't be afraid, if the APP version is removed from play store, Superb Hall H5 would save players to the greatest degree.

Login screen▼


And, with the iteration of technology, there is no need to worry about the image quality of Superb Hall H5. Its interface is no less exquisite than the App version. In addition, many operators have a large number of user resources in their hands. The HTML5 version can make more effective transformation for this target group.

III. New back-end management, more simple and efficient operation

The importance of the back-end of the website for the game operation is self-evident, board games will further increase the reliance on the back-end. Superb Hall has redesigned the operating interface, which is convenient for offshore operators to check the data of overseas players in real time.

They can adjust the operation strategy appropriately and launch targeted activities or reward tasks to encourage players to continuously recharge and participate in the game by analyzing statistics of players' recharge, online duration, win or lose in matches and so on. Back-end visual management mode, which make management more simple and fast. In addition, the framework of "Superb Hall" has been comprehensively upgraded, more chat servers have been opened, which can carry tens of thousands of people online at the same time, perfectly solving the problem of high concurrency!

Player Ranking▼


Introduction of key functions in the game

I. Category variety

Superb Hall has a wide variety of games, covering SLOTS, Fishing, Cards games. We will also supplement the popular games around the world.

2. One-click switching for game language

At present, Superb Hall supports one-click switching between Chinese and English without restarting, which greatly reduces the threshold of operation with higher product fit. Foxuc will continue to add more languages in the future, let the chess and card games to go abroad without language barriers!

3. New design of interface

With the support of the Creator engine, Foxuc has made a new design of the game interface, painting style, color and interaction, which is in line with the aesthetic of international mainstream. And in some games, we even added UI interface with the beautiful Chinese style, which makes "Superb Hall" unique among many board game platforms that prefer European and American style in the global market.

4. Feature variety

There are many kinds of needs which can not be met by general chess and card products. Superb Hall, launched by Foxuc, contains our more than ten years of development experience, is one of the most comprehensive board game products. Game wheel, Ranking, VIP, promotion, sign-in, gift package system…it basically covers all the functional requirements of foreign players!

For more information, please contact the Foxuc to obtain the trial link.

"Superb Hall", as a product that fully takes into account the dual game needs of players and operators, is Foxuc’s sincere work to global market!

Mrs Aileen
[email protected]

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