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How to understand the diversified overseas market when publishing board games abroad for gold?
2023-03-06 16:44:13

Prospective overseas markets

As the fourth largest category in the mobile game market, board game may be the most popular category with the least attention, but it is definitely the most lucrative one.

According to a social board game report released by mobile user technology company Liftoff and mobile game analysis company GameRefinery, globally, board game revenue has continued to grow in the past three years, and in 2021, it exceeded $5.5 billion which is expected to increase to $7.5 billion by 2026. And in the context of global social distancing measures, the number of users and revenue of board games will further increase.

For entrepreneurs, in addition to the domestic chess and card market, which still has room for development, the vast overseas chess and card market is also promising!

Seize emerging markets with growth potential

Choosing the right overseas market is the premise of outlet of board games, which is related to the resources of operators and the direction of development.

In emerging markets, such as India, Southeast Asia, and South America, although game revenue is not yet comparable to the international mainstream market, the user's demand for game content is gradually strengthening, and the number of downloads it brings has far exceeded some mature markets.

In Southeast Asia, the region has a large population, the annual revenue of games is growing at a compound growth rate of nearly 30%, more importantly, due to the influence of Chinese culture for a long time, the threshold for game localization is lower than that of other regions, for our domestic chess and card game manufacturers, with using their own operation experience, enter Southeast Asia market is a feasible choice.

In addition, different game markets have their own preferences for products, there are many rules, operators must find out the local market conditions, understand the main local gameplay, and observe if there are similar products on the market.

Professional board game developers

The importance of a high-quality board game developer is reflected in two aspects:

I. Provide high-quality chess and card game products which should perfectly meet the gameplay rules of operators' needs, the game architecture should be mature and stable with guaranteed fluency. And the UI design should conform to the mainstream aesthetics of local players, which requires developers to have rich experience in development and localization.

II. Additional services. Some entrepreneurs may be not know enough about board games, or overseas development, then the advantages of a high-quality board game developer will be further revealed, which will help they analyze target users, understand product advantages, how to expand profitability..., when the product is really trial-operated, it can help entrepreneurs find the space that needs to be optimized in time.

In addition to the above, a great after-sales service system can not be ignored, high-quality board game developer will provide you with fine after-sales service, not only can respond quickly when the game has bugs, but also reduce or even avoid the occurrence of player cheating and other incidents.


Foxuc has been committed to board games for more than a decade, and has rich experience and, successful cases in chess and card game development and localization. At present, Foxuc has a deep understanding of the market situation and localization around the world. If you have board game custom development needs, or the intention of cooperating with local game combined transportation, or want to know more industry trends and ideas, Foxuc Technology looks forward to communicating with you.

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