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What types of game should we choose when publishing Board games in Philippines?
2023-03-17 09:42:36

In terms of regulation, the Philippines has one of the friendliest board game policies in Southeast Asia, which reduces a lot of the resistance to enter overseas market. Although philippine people are not interested in in-game purchases with low internet speed, it doesn’t affect the prospects of the board game market in the Philippines. If you go to the Philippines, it is necessary to find out the popular board games in this country.

Mainstream board and card gameplay in the Philippines.


Tongits is an indigenous card game that originated in the northern area of the Philippines and spread to the United States in the mid-1990s, called Tonk. In recent years, with the development of chess and card games on-line and the popularity of smart phones, Tongits has gradually become the national board game on-line to play in Philippine.

It is a 3-player rummy game, using 52 cards, the game has two kinds of scoring combinations: I, the same suit and continuous cards; II. Identical cards of different suits. The object of the game is to form a scoring deck and reduce the number of useless cards in your hand by constantly taking and losing cards. At the end of the round, the winner will be determined according to the score.


This is a Chinese card game, called Sap Sam in Cantonese, Chinese Poker in the United States, and Pusoy in the Philippines.

In Pusoy, players combine three, five, and five cards based on the 13 cards they have obtained to compare with other opponents to determine the winner. Pusoy tests the player's strategic thinking, they need to make decisions quickly in a short time.

3、Lucky 9

Lucky 9 is a probabilistic board game in which each player is given two cards. The closer the numbers of the cards add up to 9, the greater the number of points. If the points have more than 9, then 10 needs to be subtracted from the total score. If the two hand cards have the same points, it is considered a draw.

4、Casino Slots

There are a large amount of Slots games in the Philippine casino game charts. Although Slots is not a type of classic card game, it is one of the categories that board game operators can consider to publish in the Philippines.

Some suggestions

In the local game market, dependence on game outsourcing and serious influence of the United States’ products, filipinos have certain requirements for the game screen, so, we need to pay attention to the art quality which is in line with the aesthetics of Philippine players.

Since Filipinos love to socialize, social features such as friend list, chat system, various tournaments and rankings can be incorporated into the game to meet the social needs of players.


In general, we should do a great localization based on the selection of local gameplay which catering to the preferences of players, combined with a variety of marketing methods when publishing board games in the Philippines.

Foxuc has focused on the development of board games at home and abroad for many years, and has successfully launched a large number of popular board games. According to your needs, we can quickly develop different types of mature board game products to help you occupy the board game market. If you have relevant intentions, Please contact us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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