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The distant Brazilian game market contains new opportunities for chess and cards to go overseas
2023-03-17 09:31:53

A potential emerging overseas market is related to many factors, such as population base, level of economic development, Internet infrastructure, smartphone penetration rate, etc. At present, in addition to the popular emerging market - Southeast Asian market, in distant South America, especially in the Brazilian market, there are also these factors, which are worthy of paying attention to when board games go overseas.

A game market with great potential

As the largest gaming market in South America, Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world in terms of population with a population of 210 million, and a per capita GDP of nearly $9,000 (6 times that of India and 3 times that of Indonesia). And 88.4 million gamers contributing more than $1 billion in revenue to Brazilian gaming market in the last year. Mobile is now the most important gaming platform in Brazil, and the Brazilian mobile gaming market is expected to continue to grow steadily in the future.

Largest internet country in South America

In recent years, the development of the Internet in Brazil has grown by leaps and bounds. According to official Brazilian data, the Internet penetration rate in Brazil has reached 70%, which has exceeded the world average. Of Brazil's 210 million people, about 170 million are smartphone users, with a penetration rate of 81%.


It is worth mentioning that Brazil is the world's main Android mobile phone market, Android mobile phone market accounted for more than 80%, Apple is less than 20% (Brazil is also the world's most expensive iPhone country). We export our games to the Brazilian market, should pay special attention to the adaptation and update of the Android.

And Facebook is the most frequently accessed social software for Brazilian users, accounting for more than 95% of Brazilian social network users. Brazil's Facebook's CPC (cost of clicks) and CPI (cost of installation) are among the lowest in the world, both below the global average.

When monetization is no longer an obstacle

In the early days, the local payment methods in Brazil were mainly cash payment and transfer, and online payment was not popular, because the local credit card application process was very complicated, and the local operator took a very high percentage, coupled with the same high taxes, so the payment problem greatly inhibited players from paying in-game. The difficulty of monetization undoubtedly makes it a headache to start a business overseas.


Nowadays, mobile payments in Brazil have become more and more perfect, and many more efficient recharge methods have emerged, such as the payment system Pix launched by the Central Bank of Brazil, and the mobile payment application ITI launched by Itaú Bank in Brazil. For entrepreneurs going overseas, there is no need to worry about the "obstacles that block user recharge", how to do a good job of localization and how to occupy the market is the key problem to be solved.


Board games go overseas, not only has the Southeast Asian market that adjacent to China and is relatively simple to localize, but also a Brazilian game market, a potential market, is also worthy of our attention. With the further improvement of Brazil's infrastructure, it is believed that the Brazilian game market will have larger scope of development.

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