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How to set up the VIP system of Middle East board games?
2023-03-17 09:25:11

With high-speed developed economy, great Internet penetration rate, and the overall young population..., the Middle East is one of the fastest-growing and most active gaming markets in the world. There is no doubt that board games have self-evident development potential in the Middle East market.

If you've ever played Middle East board game, you'll find that Middle East board game is always equipped with the comprehensive and feature-rich VIP system and VIP users are quite common. There are many rich users in the Middle East, and they pay special attention to some functions related to special rights, and those exclusive privileges that are different from ordinary users make many gamers flock to it, which brings considerable revenue to the platform. Board games go overseas in the Middle East, and setting up a complete VIP system in the game will be an important part.

What are the VIP perks of Middle East gaming?

How to set VIP privileges in the game when chess and card products go overseas in the Middle East? Firstly, it's better to see what VIP privileges the same type of product have. (Here we will take Middle East game, Baloot Games, for example).

1. VIP users have no chat restrictions


/Global channel chat requires VIP activation

Mostly, global chat is the exclusive privilege of VIP users in Middle Eastern board games, which is inseparable from the strong social needs of Middle Eastern players. In addition to private chats and global channel chat, normally also set special voice rooms, which greatly meet the needs of Middle Eastern players for online social networking. These are exclusive to privileged users.

2. Increase the limit of friends

Certainly, board games in the Middle East have a maximum number of friends. Ordinary users can only add a small number of friends, which is undoubtedly unacceptable for Middle Eastern players who love to socialize.

However, after opening VIP privileges, the limit of friends will be eliminated? The answer is negative. The game sets a VIP level, the higher the level, more new friends the player can get, vice versa. If the VIP benefit expires, the number of additional friends previously acquired disappears.

3. There will be additional bonuses for purchasing items


/ There is an additional 5% bonus for purchasing items

In Middle Eastern board games, there are game props that need to be recharged and purchased, such as gold coins, diamonds, etc. VIP players buy the same amount of items as ordinary players, but will get an additional bonus of about 10%.

4. Exclusive props for VIP users

Many types of games will set exclusive items for VIP players, the board games in the Middle East are no exception. In board games in the Middle East, special avatar frames, card backs, game backgrounds, exclusive expressions and badges will be set for VIP users, which will be the main props to highlight the differences between VIP users and common users.

5. Be able to view the player's personal information


/To view player dynamics, you need to activate VIP

Viewing players' personal information is also one of the privileges in Middle Eastern chess and card games, which is most likely related to Middle Eastern players' enthusiasm for socializing. In some board games, when you become a VIP user, you can view other players' homepages, or view other players' avatars, and send private messages.

6. Exclusive missions for VIP players

In the Middle Eastern board game, there are many daily tasks for players to choose from, in addition to these daily tasks, there are VIP members' exclusive tasks, which often have richer returns, such as a large number of gold coins, and more expensive diamonds.



In addition to the above, there are many VIP privileges in the Middle East board game, such as additional opportunities of tournament challenges, additional experience and gold bonuses after the match, and additional gifts for daily VIP members... Board games go overseas in the Middle East market, the in-depth research on the VIP system can make localization more successful.

Newly Middle East board game of Foxuc, Baloot, has been launched, not only has a complete VIP membership system, but also has a considerable depth of localized customization, has now opened cooperation, welcome interested friends to inquire, seek overseas markets.

Foxuc has focused on the development of board games at home and abroad for many years, and has successfully launched a large number of popular board games. According to your needs, we can quickly develop different types of mature board game products to help you occupy the board game market. If you have relevant intentions, Please contact us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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