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Overview of the Indian board game market
2023-03-14 15:18:56

When you choose to start a business with board games in foreign market, India market, in any way, cannot be ignored. Large population, growing economy, and enthusiasm for board games, make India market an ideal place to start your business landscape. But do you know some specifics of the gaming market in India? In this passage Foxuc will give you a terse introduce.

Indian gaming market scale

In 2020, India's gaming market was worth about $1.1 billion with about 350 million gamers. Compared to 2020, gaming market has grown by 31.79% in this year. In terms of revenue and number of users, India is expected to become the fastest growing gaming market in Asia. According to a market research report released by data research firm Niko Partners, the Indian gaming market is expected to generate 3 billion in 2025, which means that the scale of the Indian game market will expand nearly 3 times in 4 years.

Furthermore, India' real money games market has become a 20 billion rupee (nearly 1.7 billion RMB) giant one with 30 million players. According to the Indian Gaming Federation, this market is expected to grow 3.5 times by 2025.

Construction of network facilities in India

Five years ago, the state of mobile gaming in India was completely different, with games having to be less than 20MB in install size and running on low-spec and cheap phones with poor internet connections. But with the construction of internet infrastructure and the spread of smartphones, nowadays India now has more than 600 million internet users and at least 350 million gamers.

It is worth mentioning that with the construction of network infrastructure, the "currency abolition" incident in India a while ago indirectly shows that India's mobile payment infrastructure is developing rapidly.

Willingness to pay

Despite India's large player base, less players are willing to pay for games. With the exception of board games, even for popular games such as Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, only less than 1 % DAU (daily active user) make in-app purchases, which is why publishing companies mostly launch free-to-play games in India.

Board games go overseas to India, and more flexibility needs to be made in the payment model of the game.

Lack of game development ecosystem

In fact, only 15% of all downloaded games on the Google Play Store in India come from Indian developers, and Indian games lack a mature development ecosystem compared to overseas game developers such as China and the United States, so that Indian players are more dependent on overseas game developers.


India's board game market has vast development potential, if there is seasoned overseas promotion team and localized operation team, the Indian chess and card market, in a manner of speaking, have unlimited possibilities.

Foxuc has focused on the development of board games at home and abroad for many years, and has successfully launched a large number of popular board games. According to your needs, we can quickly develop different types of mature board game products to help you occupy the board game market.

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