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Game Advisor
Mrs Aileen


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If you need game development services, Foxuc Games will be at your service.
2023-03-08 14:30:42

Foxuc Game Development Scope:

1. According to your specific needs to develop chess and card casual games with specific play; (You need to provide specific gameplay of the game)

2. Capable of developing local card game play around the world, such as Rummy and Teen Pati in India, Baloot and Tarneed in the Middle East, Dummy and Khaeng in Thailand, Truco and Buraco in Brazil, etc;(There are many variations of chess and cards in different countries, so it is necessary for you to confirm the target play)

3. Can develop worldwide popular board and card games, such as Texas Hold 'em, blackjack, roulette;

4. Capable of developing worldwide popular leisure and entertainment games, such as LUDO, Domino, Crash, Bingo, fishing games, etc.

5. Slots type games with a variety of styles, themes, and gameplay.


Foxuc Games From Shenzhen, China, Foxuc was founded in 2005. With 18 years of experience in the development, without doubt that occupies a leading position in the industry of casual chess and card games.

The customized development of chess and card games and leisure games has been the main business of Foxuc. The company also has accumulated certian years foreign experience in the development.

Presently, Foxuc has a mature development team and system, which allows Foxuc to produce high-quality game products according to your needs in a short time. The following is the specific scope of development, may be able to give you suggestions.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation that will benefit both of us.

If you need Foxuc service, please leave your contact information or contact us directly without hesitate!

Mrs Aileen
[email protected]